Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

Comprising a sparkling gold toothgel and gold-plated ultra-soft toothbrush, d’Or is the most opulent oral care set you’ll ever own. Not only a precious metal, gold is renowned for its extraordinary cleaning properties. With fine particles of pure 24-carat gold, d’Or toothgel restores youthful vitality to the smile.

Rejuvenate your smile

The prestige formula, infused with 24-carat gold, restores teeth and gums to their natural state of health and beauty. Also with sodium hyaluronate, a highly valued anti-ageing ingredient in skincare, d’Or revitalises the smile for a more youthful appearance. Polished to perfection, the glittering gold adds sparkles to the teeth, adding a subtle opulence to the smile.


Indulge yourself in a
golden smile with d’Or.

The d’Or applicator is a lustrous gold-plated toothbrush with mysterious black bristles. These bristles are ultra-soft, yet dense, which pampers teeth and gums while ensuring even application of the precious gold toothgel.

An experiene
for the senses

This gentle and refined gel-to-foam formula forms a silky protective layer around the teeth. Its uniquely elegant consistency helps deliver glittering gold to the whole smile, covering teeth and gums with a resplendent shine.